"Everyone is valued and takes responsibility for the
challenging learning that takes place"

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The COO is a key part of the MPAT Executive Team and leads the promotion and delivery by the whole organisation of good financial, human resource and property management so that public money is safeguarded at all times and used appropriately, economically, efficiently and effectively.  The COO leads MPAT’s Finance Officer and each individual academy’s office and finance staff.  The role includes:

  • the development and implementation of strategy and to resource and deliver the organisation’s strategic objectives sustainably and in the public interest
  • contributing to strategic planning of MPAT
  • the day to day oversight of financial matters, internal and external audit
  • ensuring that the monthly management and annual accounts are properly presented and adequately supported by the records of each of the Trust’s academies
  • liaising with EFA
  • planning the strategic development of MPAT’s financial position
  • oversight of estate management
  • ensuring equity and fairness in Human Resource issues
  • efficient deployment of staff and resources fairly across academies according to need and maximise economies of scale
  • ensuring that MPAT academies deliver a professional service to its community