"Everyone is valued and takes responsibility for the
challenging learning that takes place"

Principals of MPAT Acadamies

Under the direction of the CEO the Principals are responsible for:

  • Creating and communicating a shared vision which expresses core values and moral purpose
  • Motivating others to create a shared learning culture and positive climate
  • Modelling the values and visions of the Academies
  • Translating the vision into agreed objectives and operational plans
  • Ensuring a continuous and consistent MPAT – wide focus on students’ achievement
  • Using data and benchmarks to monitor progress
  • Establishing creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning and teaching
  • Developing an ethos which enables everyone to work collaboratively
  • Ensuring individual staff accountabilities are clearly defined, understood and agreed
  • Developing and maintain effective strategies and procedures for staff induction, professional development and performance review
  • Developing and maintaining a culture of high expectations for self and others
  • Ensuring effective planning, allocation, support and evaluation of work of teams and individuals.